The Marketing Blitz and The Marketing Workshop are great, easy ways to get a marketing action plan in less than a day.

Marketing is often an unwelcome ailment for business owners. Many just want to get on with running their companies or fee-earning. What most would like is a quick, impartial session to get an action plan in place. Then a marketing machine that ticks away quietly in the background, delivering fame and fortune. Hence the Marketing Blitz and Marketing Workshop:


The Marketing Workshop

A Marketing Workshop is ideal for businesses where more than one person is involved with marketing. This half-day session typically involves a small group of people from the business – usually directors. In the workshop we explore what has happened in the past and discuss how to deal with changing markets to achieve your current business goals. Then together we build a marketing action plan – live – on the day. Marketing Workshops are popular with established businesses and family businesses as they allow collective input about the past and the future. The cost of a Marketing Workshop varies according to your requirements.

What you get:

  • Half-day session with Huw Johns.
  • With directors/owners/managers
  • Making a marketing plan live on the day
  • Looking at the past, present and future
  • Culminates in an agreed action plan

This option suits small/medium sized companies, 3rd sector organisations, and family businesses.

For more details please contact me.

S.C., Director, Financial Services Company


The Marketing Blitz

An intensive session with me covering all aspects of your marketing. In this two hour blitz, we quickly find out what you want to achieve and roadmap you a way to get there cost-effectively. A few days later you’ll get an action plan spanning the next 3 to 6 months, summarising our plan.

What you Get:

  • 2 hour session
  • One to one
  • With Huw Johns
  • Bespoke to you and your business
  • Guaranteed to address all your marketing issues in the session
  • Action plan
  • Micro businesses only.
  • Limited availability

A Marketing Blitz costs £250 and includes your action plan, travel and the 2 hour session.

For more details please contact me.


“I recently spent an afternoon session with Huw; I found the session to be of great benefit. He gave me clarity as to what to do overall, steering me away from areas that wouldn’t work particularly well and pointing me in the direction of lower cost options that would give better results. Huw has more than paid for himself in terms of the advice he has given.”

Managing Director, Recruitment Consultancy

“If you want a marketing professional who works hard to understand your business, cuts through the haze of options and delivers effective marketing, you need to speak to Huw.”

Huw Johns – My Background

  • Advertising agency MD–9 years
  • Head of Marketing/Marketing Director/Portfolio Marketing Director for several large companies.
  • Management Consultant for Welsh Government agency for 3 years
  • Regular contributor to a national business and technology magazine.
  • Winner of Richard Branson’s business award for work for use of video in business.
  • Value propositions and messaging: IDM diploma, BA (Hons) Languages, Writers’Bureau

If you think you’d like to make your business work harder for you, please contact me for more details—without obligation.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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