Marketing Support: Your Own Part-Time Marketing Director

Most companies realise that the success of a marketing action plan is based on actually carrying it quickly and effectively. Too often busy business owners let marketing slip during happy times only to regret it when things quieten down. Having an Outsourced Marketing Manager can make all the difference.

Early in my career I ran marketing departments for national companies and I now act as a part-time Marketing Director for a number of successful businesses.

I create a strategy in conjunction with the business owners or board and then oversee the successful delivery of it.  I direct you relevant partners and suppliers – like web companies, designers, SEO people, printers, telesales – and leave you with one point of contact in terms of how the marketing strategy is performing.

Many clients choose to work with me over a period of months and sometimes years to keep their marketing making money. We share a copy of their action plan over the web and at each monthly meeting we review it and agree a series of actions for that month to keep the tills ringing.

I offer a range of very cost effective marketing support packages as well as a “pay as you go” marketing support option.

Please contact me for details and prices of my support packages.

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