Five reasons why Solicitors and Law Firms work with an Independent Marketing Consultant


  • Lawyers are fee earners. Marketing is usually postponed to make way for more fee-earning.

As a solicitor marketing specialist,  I understand how precious time is. So my methods of working with law firms involve minimal contact with them. I shoulder the bulk of the work and report back for approvals.

  • Law firms have usually been bamboozled by different marketing agencies, designers, PR companies, SEO consultants and other suppliers. They may already be working with some but don’t usually know who they really need or how much they should be paying.

I’m completely independent. Unlike a marketing agency that makes money from selling services like graphic design or print, I am remunerated only by a pre-agreed hourly fee for my time. So, I act as an outsourced Marketing Manager for a law firm.

  • Law firms aren’t sure how to market themselves.

Law firms all have similar problems. Having worked with many, I know what usually works and what doesn’t. I don’t do reports. I do face to face sessions or a workshop with the partners followed by an action plan. Some law firms go it alone with the action plan but many simply hand it back to me and engage me to deliver it for them.

  • Solicitors like detail so their ads, mailers and website are often heavy-going to read!

A trained and experienced Advertising Copywriter, I can write compelling copy for any medium – including online, print and video.

  • Solicitors usually want a simple overview of the marketing process and fixed fees.

My way is simple: Initial session(s) / Action plan / Decide on support package (how many hours of me per month = fixed fee) / execute work / report and liaise by email/ review and re-plan.


If you are a law firm or solicitor and any of the above issues sound familiar, please click here to email me to arrange a no obligation telephone call to discuss your firm.

Thank you.