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“We started our relationship with Huw as part of a selection process to appoint a marketing company who could drag us in to the modern digital world.

Immediately Huw shone through as a person who knows one end of marketing from the other. We found him applying his immeasurable experience to new platforms and technologies to great effect. In a word crowded by one dimensional digital marketers Huw blends the modern and proven traditional marketing. More importantly he spoke our language.

This became a god-send as we started to develop a new website. Huw organised supplier meetings, actively participated in the selection and was a pivotal catalyst to the creative side of us and the web company resulting in a fantastic website, built to budget and on time.

Now Huw is an important part of our business. He has integrated well with our people, develops news ideas, manages all external suppliers for us and writes a lot of our content. He is in effect our marketing department.

If you want a marketing professional who works hard to understand your business, cuts through the haze of options and delivers effective marketing, you need to speak to Huw.”

Managing Director, Recruitment Consultancy


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