I write blogs on behalf of various clients. It’s often part of a series of marketing-related activities I carry out for the twenty-plus businesses that I work with every month. 

Some want to create a new and exciting way of talking about what they do.  Working a product or service into a mini story or article – which is what a blog is – can really make you memorable. Others just want to get regular content in front of their target audience. They often use the blog I’ve written on social media as well as emailing it out. 

Whichever category you fall into, blogging regularly will help you be remembered. Plus – Google likes websites that add new content frequently, so a blog could help your search engine rankings too.

I can’t show you blogs I have written for other companies because of confidentiality. But occasionally I get chance to blog for myself.  Here’s one I penned recently, which was very popular on social media…

The story of the not-so Cornish Pasty 

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