For Ongoing Marketing Support

“In the past 2 years we have seen our turnover
increase by over 15% and a lot of this growth
can be attributed to our focussed marketing. I
would have no hesitation in recommending Huw
to any business.” – Director, Multi-site Veterinary Practice

For Quick Marketing Help

“I shall look back on my time with you as one of those special days that took my business to the next level… You shared your knowledge while simultaneously giving me space to clarify and express my own thoughts and your solutions were bespoke to my business.” – Director, Training & Coaching Business

For Value Propositions & Advertising Copy-writing

“Thanks to your creative and imaginative mind, we now have a vibrant and exciting campaign to launch… catchy and memorable and will make its mark for years.”

Independent Marketing Help

Marketing can be a difficult area for many companies. With everyone from sign-makers to S.E.O. companies promising they all hold the magic key to success, it’s often hard to work out who’s on your side. That’s where I come in – I’m an Independent Marketing Consultant. I simply help businesses make more money from marketing and I don’t profit from any recommendations I make.

Marketing is just about getting and keeping customers.  There is very often a magic key to marketing success, but it’s rarely one thing. It’s usually about the finding the right combination of activities and then actually getting them done. And I can help with both.

My Marketing System

I work with companies of all sizes using a marketing system I have developed since I began helping others with marketing in 1999. The system is based around a fast-paced session with me. We identify which parts of your marketing need help then we discuss and agree solutions. There’s no wieldy report afterwards – just an action plan. The marketing action plan typically runs for 3 to 6 months, meaning that you see results fast. And because it’s all about making a profit for you, you can rest assured that I won’t recommend anything that isn’t proportionate to the amount of money you are expecting to make. My way is unique, highly productive and very popular.

Want to make more money marketing in the next 6 months? Explore the website and find out just how easy it is to do.  View the testimonials around the website and feel free to email me with questions. Let’s talk soon and together we can make your marketing move!

Our Services

Ongoing Marketing Support

Most companies realise that the success of a marketing action plan is based on carrying it out and creating the right team of experts to get the desired result. I support a number of successful companies as a portfolio marketing director doing just this.

Fast Marketing Help

The Marketing Workshop: An intensive session with key members if your team – typically the directors of the business – covering all aspects of your marketing. The workshop creates a roadmap which sets the course for all marketing activity in the following year or so. 

Value propositions and messaging

Find your “why us” and you’ll make more money from all your marketing channels. I work with companies to help the develop their value propositions.

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